Monday, December 28, 2009

More Jon Thornhill

One post about Jon Thornhill was not enough - so here comes another!

Jamie Noble: Part 2 - Butt

As promised, our further exploration of Jamie Noble's assets - Part 2 is his amazing ass.

Jon Thornhill

New World Wrestling's Jon Thornhill looks mighty tasty in his white trunks - great legs, great abs - result!

Hotshot: Tattoo'd Hunk

How hot does Ruffy Silverstein look on the canvas with his stunning tattoo'd pec just waiting for a good lick?

Jamie Noble: Part 1 - Bulge

One of my favourite US wrestlers is Jamie Noble (also wrestled as James Gibson). He wrestled for WCW, WWE, then on the independent circuit, back to WWE in 2005 before announcing his retirement in November 2009.

He is a Hottie on so many scores, we are going to devote several posts to his many assets. Part 1, let's start with bulge, and what a bulge. Although Noble stands at only 5'7, he stands elsewhere much more impressively.

Hotshot:: Lying Prone

West Coast Wrestling Company's Chris Evans lies flat out, affording us a great view

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ryan Taylor

He might have a face like a robber's dog, but Ryan Taylor is a superb little fighter with a fine hard body.