Wednesday, February 11, 2009

King Ben

An older wrestler to qualify as a Wrestling Hottie, King Ben was a beefy grappler (and the father of top wrestling hottie, Kid McCoy). Ben's bulging trunks always drew the eye: but was he just generously endowed or did he get a little bit 'excited' by all that hot wrestling action....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hotshot: Finlay vs Kilby

Neither are exactly lookers, but a young Dave Fit Finlay ripping the hair out of Alan Kilby's head is our first Hotshot

Richie Brooks

Although chunky and sporting a mullet(!), Richie Brooks easily qualifies as a Wrestling Hottie thanks to a great pair of muscular legs and a powerful upper body.

His hot pecs catch the eye in this bout - I love how a studly nipple peaks out from his singlet in several shots.

Kid McCoy

First Wrestling Hottie is Kid McCoy.

In these pictures, he is in a hot match with heel Mal Sanders. As the match progresses, his leotard increasingly clings as the sweat soaks through it.

McCoy definitely qualifies as a hottie: the lithe body, the not insubstantial bulge and a butt that defines the word 'pert' deliver an outstanding hottie package.

So how do you rate him?