Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lee Bronson

Hairy hunk Lee Bronson was a sexy-as-fuck British wrestler from the glory days of ITV's World of Sport. Manly and muscular, what a feast for the eyes

Hotshot: Hot Choke

Hot strangle hold on toughie wrestler by toughie wrestler

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hotshot: Davey Richard's Cock

Davey Richards demonstrates why he is such an admired wrestler - you can practically see the head!

Hard Wrestling: Double Erections!

In the course of this amateur wrestling bout, both dirty bastards, correction, hot young wrestlers grope and crotch lift each other, they get raging boners.

Enjoy the video!

Has the caption writer got no sense of irony?

Thanks to Fight2100 for uploading

Hotshot: Hot Pin

Vid: Alex Wright Dancing and Bulging

The breathtaking Alex Wright in his prime does a dance before the match. What a warm-up!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portrait: Domino

Tony Knox's portrait of UK wrestler Domino is just stunning

Greg King Jnr

One word to sum up Greg King Jnr: bulgetastic!

King is wielding some serious equipment in those trunks...enjoy, but be careful, he'll have your eye out!

JR Manson vs Ty Hamilton

JR Manson is an arrogant heel; Ty Hamilton in contrast is a fabulously-toned jobber. In this hot match, a sweaty Manson makes Hamilton suffer. Hamilton's shorts are no punishment for viewers.